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Chapter 3 ~ Movement of Substances across The Plasma Membrane 1# - The Structure of Plasma Membrane

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Plasma Membrane, 
tahu tak kengkawan, kat mana letaknya si PM ni? 
PM ni terletaknya dekat cell membrane iaitu bahagian yg paling luar sekali dekat  animal cell =D 
Dekat plant cell pun ada
Anda sudah sedia tahu kan...

Sekarang jom kita lihat kat bahagian Plasma Membrane pulak, kenali bahagian bahagian yg ada kat situ

Source : WikiBooks
Source : Photobucket

Source : Panitia Bio SMK ST Mark

Atau anda boleh juga rujuk melalui video nie, anda mungkin akan lebih faham :

The Functions of Plasma Membrane :
  • To maintain the concentration of ions inside the cell and outside the  cell (PM allow the substance to enter and leave)
  • The digested food and the nutrients are absorbed through the Plasma Membrane
  • Regulate the movement of substances in and out of the cell
  • Help the cells to maintain the constant internal environment (homeostasis)
Phospholipid bilayer :
  • Hydrophilic head - ( position ; towards to water )
  • Hydrophobic tail - ( position ; afraid of water [myconceptonly] )
  • Arrange in two layers, thats why it called "bilayer", "bi" means "2"
  • Acts as barrier(halangan) - isolate(m'asingkan) the 2 sides of membrane =D
  • Phospholipid bilayer also contain cholestrol, pore protein, carrier protein and glycoprotein. You can see these structeres on the picture above

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